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CSSP - Part of the JDM Technology Group - Incident Tracking

Whether you're a small business, a mid-sized company or an expanding enterprise: We have business-management tools to improve your success.

When you invest in the JDM Technology Group, you are buying more than software. You're also buying us. Our time, our experience. Many software companies out source the service of helping users figuring out problems. Not so with the JDM Technology Group. When you call CSSP Technical Support, you are connecting directly into a group of people with years of construction experience - the people who wrote the products used in CSSP - part of the JDM Technology Group.

CSSP - part of the JDM Technology Group - Remote Support  a real-time server software tool, provides support professionals with an efficient way to manage and resolve online PC support requirements.

Track your Incident

 Work Order #  

Just as you are able to track packages with Parcel Delivery Services, you can now track your work orders with Explorer's Incident Tracking System.

Incident Tracking System

The JDM Technology Group Incident Tracking System was developed by JDM Technology Group specifically to meet the needs of our Customers and Support Team. Wherever you are in the world you can set up a work order with the knowledge that it will be dealt with promptly. When a new work order is posted we see it instantly for quick retrieval and resolution. It is like having one of our team, in your office or out in the field, as part of your own staff. With JDM Technology Group Incident Tracking you can now access our support team in a variety of ways, quickly, efficiently, 24/7.

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